People don’t buy things, they buy experiences.

Local Grit builds your brand, crafts your stories and motivates your audiences to take action.

We believe in a content ecosystem – when each part of your digital presence works together, we can create a perfect storm of storytelling, buzz, consideration and conversion.


Content Creation Services:

Original Photography
Styling & Production
Graphic Design
Website, Blog + Collateral Copywriting


Content Marketing Services:

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Community Management
Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Partnership Marketing
Digital Advertising
Digital Public Relations

Branding Services:

Brand Discovery
Brand Strategy + Development
Website Design

Workshops + Consulting Services

Social + Digital Media Training for Executives
Social + Digital Media Training for In-House Teams
Social Media Photography 101
Digital Advertising for In-House Teams
Digital Strategy Workshop
Let’s Launch: Taking Your Product to Market